5 Reasons Why Keona’s Exotic Floral Décor Make Great Presents

by Keona, 09/11/2016
Exotic Floral Décor gifts are the picture-perfect way to stand out in a crowd. These floral masterpieces can switch a run-of-the-mill present into something expressive and memorable forever.
The great 5 reasons why exotic floral décor gift make great presents for anyone…

A Gift to be cherished forever

When a floral décor gift has been presented by you with our creativity, it’s amazing to see how attached your recipient will get to this gift. Gift it to believe it!

Your Special Touch

Our floral decors, specially handcrafted for you, let’s your recipient know that you made this gift specifically for them, not just something you picked up on the way and hurriedly wrapped it in the parking lot.

Thought Counts

Of course! Make your next floral gift count by letting the recipient know you’ve taken the time to give a thoughtful and memorable gift just for them.

Someone else rarely gets them the same gift

As you are sure, a large section of people carry the typical bouquet from a florist. You can stand out with this exotic floral décor and get recognised too.

It’s Just Not Another Gift

Once the party has ended, the recipient will sort through their large pile of bouquets. Most of the time they will forget who gave bought the bouquets, and may not even take them home. Having you giving this special present, which will stand out from the crowd and this masterpiece will for sure make it to their home keeping you in their thoughts!!!

While freshness and vibrancy makes our floral decors truly one of its kind, the elegant arrangement and packaging makes it a signature gift! We dream to transform the experience of gifting –making it more elegant, luxurious and indulgent.

Assuring you of happy memories,

Team Keona

Special note : Every flower is personally handpicked by the finest florist hand in Holland.

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