5 Ways to Make Your Loved One Smile

5 Ways to Make Your Loved One Smile

by Keona, 19/05/2016
There are so many people around who mean the world to us, and who love us back equally. It is important to maintain this relationship with them, and how better than to put a smile on their faces every now and then? Here are five simple suggestions that tell you how to do so.

Spend some quality time together

It happens quite often that in our busy life we somehow become neglectful towards the people in our life. Rather than paying attention to small gesture made by another, we tend to focus on the deadlines by which our work hangs. So, instead of winning over work stress, take a moment away from those phone calls and spend a quality time with them and let them be aware that no matter what work it may be, they will always be special.

Show Your Appreciation

Nothing like the words “Please”, “Thank you” and “I love you” to show your loved one how much they mean to you, and the fact that you acknowledge and appreciate their existence in your life. Sometimes, your appreciation can be shown through simple gestures such as a beautiful bunch of flowers.

Pamper them

Find out what are their interests and involve yourself in them. Read their favorite book or listen to their favorite song. Or share an activity such as hiking or baking. Your loved one will feel valued that you took the time to explore their hobbies and you can establish a common ground with them, with readymade fun topics for future conversations.

Never forget a day

With our lives constantly running on schedules we often forget occasions that gave our life meaning. Be it holidays or anniversaries, sometimes we tend to take them for granted and forget to build on those memories. Each and every day is special and what makes the day more notable is the people you spend it with. So, don’t hesitate even for a bit to make your loved ones day something that they will always remember.

It’s the little things that count

You don’t always need expensive gifts to make someone happy. Sometimes, all that a person needs is a small gesture to let them be aware of how important they are in your life. Every little thing that you do for them can make their day; sometimes it can just be a bunch of their favorite flowers. (www.keona.co.in)

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