Indulgence has a new name

Keona. It’s in our very name – the joyous feeling of


, and enjoying special delights because you deserve them. Keona is a Hawaiian word that means, ‘God’s gracious


’. And we believe that it signifies all that we stand for.

For those special occasions in life

Whatever be the


, we believe that it deserves a thoughtful


. Our exquisite selection of products, packaged in elegant boxes of gold forms the perfect choice. Each is a reflection of your fine tastes, panache and flair for life.

The Keona promise

Quality: This is the founding stone of Keona. By using our signature processes and seasonal produce, we ensure that you get only the freshest, most tasteful, vibrant products.
Experience: At Keona, we believe in making the whole

gifting experience

truly one-of-a-kind. The choice of


, the way we care for them, the packaging, the delightful taste, the elegant arrangements, the

shopping experience

, the delivery – every step resonates our passion.
Absolute satisfaction: Our well-crafted processes ensure that Keona


always have a touch of extravagance. They are designed to delight and gain your complete satisfaction.

Meet our Team

At the heart of Keona, is a team of passionate people. Our dream is to transform the experience of gifting –making it more elegant, luxurious and indulgent. In our desire to deliver the best, we have drawn ideas from personal experiences and travels around the world.

A niche team works closely with us to deliver on this dream.

The Flower Boutique

We have the finest hands to care for the flowers we source. Our team is headed by a renowned florist from Holland. As our Creative Director, she brings in her years of experience, and floral magic. Each exquisite arrangement stems from her imagination.

The Patisserie

The creators of our classy cakes, our master bakers work hand in hand with cake artists to create these indulgent, gorgeous delights.