Chronicle of Gifting Flowers…

by Keona, 02/12/2016
A flower bouquet may express love, celebration, confession, care, support or humbly be a thoughtful gesture. From time immemorial, flowers have played an important role as gestures and gifts. Though specific meanings and traditions may change, flowers remain a part of human connection.

It is strongly believed that this custom has origins in prehistoric traditions too. Tales dating back to ancient China, Greece, Rome and Egypt show flowers to be an integral part of social customs. In these civilizations, it was thought that emotions could find their most suitable expression through the giving of flowers.

The types of flowers have changed as the relationship grew allowing a person to say volumes without speaking a word! Today’s society is no different than those of a few hundred years ago. Flowers still hold significant a meaning.

This custom of gifting flowers continues even today, where people gift flowers to others to express their feelings. In the modern era, the tradition of gifting bouquets for various occasions offers diverse meanings.

The greatest takeaway in today’s flower gifting is the decorum which gains significant importance.

An exotically decorated floral bouquet of red roses just expresses love while lilies represent purity and grace. A marigold flower is considered to be an expression of sorrow, while friendship is best expressed by a yellow coloured rose.

As we emerge and walk in to the digital era with the advancement of science and technology, flowers now easily bloom all year-round across the globe.

“where ever the beauty lies, there is sure of neighbouring eyes”, how true this statement can be when your floral gifts are from Keona!!!

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