Delivery Service

At Keona, we are all about delivering joy. Here are a few things you need to know about our

delivery policy

  • To ensure that our service is the best, we currently

    deliver Flowers and Cakes

    only in Bangalore (i.e., our delivery coverage works only if your pin code starts with 560-0xx).
  • We deliver for free, on all days of the week, 365 days a year, between 10am and 6pm.
  • If you’ve had a change of mind, we can help you only if the order isn’t already being processed by the florist, en route for delivery or delivered. Same-day orders are processed immediately, and cannot be changed. If you are calling about an order that is scheduled to be delivered the same day, please call 1-800-425-1414
  • We take 3 working days for

    delivery of Cakes

    . We will reconfirm the delivery time and address before shipment
  • If the recipient of the Keona gift is not available (not at home or is in a meeting, etc.) our delivery personnel will attempt to leave the gift in a safe place (with family members, at the reception area, with security personnel/neighbor, etc.) If this is not possible, we will deem the order as delivered. Our delivery personnel will call you to confirm and attempt to leave the order and NOT wait for the recipient to come home/to the front office, as this may impact the rest of the customers on their delivery schedule. We DO NOT offer a refund in cases like these.
  • We can deliver your Keona gifts at weddings/receptions /other functions at your risk/discretion. In case it is not possible to deliver directly to the recipient, it will be handed over to a relative or friend at the function upon confirmation. We DO NOT accept COD (Cash-On-Delivery) for deliveries to public places/wedding halls/grounds/ball rooms etc. Please ensure the item has been paid for before-hand.
  • If the recipient is not willing to take delivery for any reason, we will deem the order as delivered. We DO NOT offer a refund in cases like these.
  • For orders booked for delivery to a hospital or hotel, you must ensure that the hospital / hotel will allow deliveries to be made to their location, before placing your order. In case the order is not accepted at the locations at the time of delivery, we will deem the order as delivered. We DO NOT offer a refund in cases like these. We DO NOT accept COD (Cash-On-Delivery) for deliveries to hospitals/hotels etc.
  • You must specify full and accurate details of the shipping address, landmark and mobile number for the recipient. If we are unable to deliver your order because one of these items is missing or incorrect, we will deem the order as delivered. We DO NOT offer a refund in cases like these.
  • The

    delivery location

    cannot be changed unless the same is acknowledged by us in writing at least 30mins from the time of placing the order. Please call our office between 10 am and 6 pm IST to confirm your changes.
  • If delivery cannot be completed due to civil disturbance, riots, heavy rains, floods or other events beyond our control. Keona will try to reschedule the delivery at the earliest. We DO NOT offer a refund in cases like these.
  • Delivery instructions

    must be specified on the Keona Orders ‘Checkout’ page. Changes to these instructions will not be effective unless they are acknowledged by us in writing.
  • Refunds

    will be carried out within 7 working days once one of the above-mentioned criteria is met. Once the


    has been successfully processed, you will receive a refund notification via email. Please note that refunds may take up to 15 working days to appear on your credit card statement.