Joyful feeling of celebration with flowers

Secret Garden

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Flowers brighten up our lives with their grace and aroma, but the power of a flower is more profound than just the exterior appeal. Flowers like Hydrangeas, Carnations, and Roses together makes a wonderful piece of art. While one represents love and affection, others represent honesty, respect, and gratefulness.

A bouquet with exotic Hydrangeas, Carnations, and Roses used to express new starts, thankfulness and understanding for your loved ones. Be it your wedding, a first date or anniversary, the flower bouquet prepared with the freshly cut flowers makes a perfect gift.

Look nowhere; express your love, affection, and gratefulness with our exotic Secret Garden bouquet arrangement with fresh cut hydrangeas, carnations, and beautiful roses. We provide same day delivery across Bangalore.

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Care Instructions

  • Flowers love a nice, cool spot (18-22ºC). They retain their freshness for longer when displayed away from direct sunlight.
  • Try keeping them away from heating and cooling vents, or placing them directly under the fan. Do not keep them on top of radiators and televisions.
  • Avoid placing fresh flowers near ripe fruits. Fruits release tiny amounts of ethylene gas that can age flowers prematurely.
  • We’ve added fresh flower food to the water in the containers.


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  • Due to unavoidable factors (like seasonality and unforeseen circumstances) there may be slight variations in the actual floral arrangements. We will contact you and replace them with other imported flowers, without compromising on the look of the arrangement.
  • Flowers will be delivered the same day if ordered before 6 pm
  • For cakes, please place your orders at least 3 days in advance and for eggless cakes 4 days in advance.